Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Powerful Prayer Software

The Powerful Prayer Software

Get instant access to high-quality collections of miraculous prayers packed with solemn accompaniment played in the background. You will also have an interactive rosary-prayer guide with voice-overs and in-depth video presentation on each mysteries. Also, get access to a collection of day-to-day christian prayers. A full-pledged offline electronic based "Bible" that is based on the "King James version". (No PDF Reader needed)

+ 2500 plus miraculous prayers, psalms and bible verses

+ Interactive and automatic Rosary Prayer guide

+ Play hours of deep worship music

All of this provided absolutely FREE to anyone.

Download your copy now!

Terms - Do NOT Sell, Reproduce, Exhibit on any OTHER Website or for any COMMERCIAL purposes without written permission to the author "Raymund Benedict Ponce"

Privacy Policy - Please be guided accordingly, WE DO NOT COLLECT ANY INFORMATION NOR DOWNLOAD ANY INFORMATION from your computers upon USE or INSTALLATION of this PRODUCT. We do NOT provide any warranties or any damages this software may cause to your computer system.